Kodokan is a dojo in Rotterdam, where you can practise iaido.

Kodokan's members are affiliated with the Dutch Kendo Federation (N.K.R.),
which in turn is a member of the Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten (F.O.G.),
which comes under the NOC*NSF.

Dojo leader is Elise Heijboer (5-dan).

The iaido training consists of a combination of Z.N.K.R. iaido, Nippon Kendo Kata and Shinkage ryu iaido (koryu).

To propagate the practice of Shinkage ryu iaido in the widest sense, the Dutch Shinkage ryu Foundation was founded in 2004.

Currently there are three Dutch dojo operating under this Foundation: Yushinkan in Utrecht, Marobashikai in Den Bosch and Kodokan in Rotterdam.